How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Thighs and Bum

A lot of women get disappointed and end up only covering up their cellulite, this is a big problem equally it can actually involve your self image and self value. You end up avoiding situations where you would commonly have to show off your legs, like vacations or swimming, you may look embarassed to show off your body to your husband or boyfriend. It can real start to affect your life and bring you down.

To make things deeper you are bombed by relates and offers of the latest miracle remedy which will banish your cellulite with out you having to lift a finger. Massages, creams, potions, machines all offer you the last cure, so sure you go out and expend your money on them single to became even more defeated. The bad news is that there is no miracle cure out there! The good news is that you can actually get rid of cellulite yourself with a gentle effort.

Cellulite is not several big fat, it is just the same fat that is on every other part of your body. The big difference is that the areas that are involved by cellulite normally don't have good muscle tone behind them, it's the lack of support that causes the fat to look dimply. So if you realize this you can truly get to work on the problem by building lean muscle tone behind the cellulite.

You don't need any dear products and you can do the exercises at home daily in as little as 10 mintues a seance. With a little work you will start to see answers quickly - in a count of weeks, and can completely rid yourself of cellulite in a month!

The Specific Cellulite Exercises to Use

Slow step downs
Bilateral touch downs
Low tempo leg lift
Symmetrical hip extensions

The exercises that will make your cellulite look worse are

Bar Squats

Hamstring curls

 Dead Lifts

 Leg Extensions

You need to know the specific pointed exercises though as using the wrong exercises can actually make your cellulite worse.

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